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Welcome to Active Computech
"We are extremely dedicated, creative and professional web designers. We specialize in creating designs that bring graphics, interactivity, and websites to life. We specialize in a range of skills that are needed to bring to your business a project that will increase traffic, impress your users, enhance your appearance, and ultimately reach the goal that we set out to achieve. "

"Be it a simple online presence, a contemporary showcase, or a database driven e-commerce web site, your web site design is just the beginning... Working closely with you to assess your web designing requirements, we create bespoke and affordable websites tailored to reach your target audience.

The first step in our web development and e-commerce process is devising a concept for the web site based on the client's image, nature of the business and other set objectives. The visual aspects of a web site such as the layout, graphics and pictures are then created to reflect this idea. Other facets of the operation include organizing the information flow and fashioning a user-friendly web interface.

Top search engine rankings are essential to the success of your business on the Internet. We specialize in increasing the traffic to your website by increasing your position in the top search engine rankings. Our search engine placement experts work diligently with you to meet and exceed your company's marketing needs."
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"Active Computech team will always be communicating with you through instant messengers. Whenever you connect to the internet, Active Computech will update you with the latest messages from our website and display them the similar fashion as you got this message"
Our Committment
"We are committed to provide state of the art designs to our esteemed customers around the globe."
Our Technologies
"We constantly upgrade our competitive edge with new and innovative technologies to enhance our services to netizens."
Our Skills
Web Design 100%
Graphic Design 100%
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